's FAQ
What is it? was registered and populated with a template back in 2004 with the intent to demonstrate the feasibility of providing an independant portal of web and community resources to the residents (current, past and future) of Merrimack.

The site traffic averaged over 7000 hits a month in 2008.

Is it run by the Town?
No. The Town, School District, MVD, BOS, School Board, MYA, Lions, Chamber of Commerce, or any other organization, board or government body is not part of the content of this site.
Who owns it?
Brian McCarthy, a resident of Merrimack and current member of the Town Council (elected 2008) maintains the site and pays for the site hosting, along with the cost of the domain name.
(Updated 2/2009)
Why are most of the links blank?
Although the site had some grand plans, the work was put on hold. Those plans included items such as central location for school, town, water district email lists, and portals for all the items you see listed on the main page.
Where is the charter commission website?
You will find the Merrimack Charter Commission website at

Note that the Charter Commission has done its job and it may have outdated links. Please check the Town Website for up to date information.

Why is the Charter Commission web presence here?
The owner of knew the charter commission would want to make use of the web in a way that the Town website would not allow at this time. The sub-domain of was created to allow the Commission to meet that goal.
The Weather Link?
There are several online weather sites to choose from, I picked Intellicast. If you know of a better one, let me know.
Google for the map?
I enjoy the features that Google provides and seems to be enhancing. The other choice I had was an old Town Zoning map, I think Google does a better job.
Last Update
Last major update to this site was Nov, 13th 2005 in which this FAQ, along with many of the links on the main page went live.
A Request, of You
If you see an incorrect link, or have a problem with the site, please use the Contacts page below to let me know. I will get to your request as soon as possible.