's Government Portal
Town Departments
Town's Official website:
Town Hall is at 6 Baboosic Lake Rd.
Phone: 424-2331
Town Council
The Town Council is Merrimack's governing body. Information on the Town Counil can be found on the Town's website.
Visit the Emergency Services page.
Public Library
The Library is located at 470 Daniel Webster Highway, very close to Town Hall.
Phone: 424-5021
Merrimack Village District
Merrimack Village District is a separate municipality located in southern Merrimack that provides water to much of Merrimack.
Phone: 424-9241
School District
Merrimack has three elementary schools which provide kindergarten through fourth grade, an upper elementary for fifth and sixth grades, a middle school for seventh and eight grades and a high school for ninth through twelfth.
Phone: 424-6200
School Board (SAU 26)
Post Office
The Merrimack Post Office is located at 510 Daniel Webster Highway.
Phone: 424-5912